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Give More Meaning To Spring Cleaning With New Tools to Preserve Family Photos Forever

Did you inherit boxes of old photographs or photo albums that are slowly fading?  Maybe you have a family member who is the keeper of those memories who doesn’t want to let them out of their sight?  Well, today I am excited to announce that Ancestry® has new photo enhancement and sharing capabilities that will make it easier than ever before for our community to upload, scan, and share family photos then link them directly to people in your family tree. 

A new partnership with Photomyne, a media preservation and archiving specialist company, allows us to bring their proprietary photo scanning and image enhancement technology onto the Ancestry platforms. Ancestry has also developed a new user experience called Ancestry Stories that offers a way to craft stories using images, share discoveries, and create meaningful moments. The new features are now available on both our web browser and mobile app platforms. 

Storytelling through Ancestry mobile

Upload, Scan and Share Your Images Today

With Photomyne, Ancestry now gives you an easier way to digitize old family photos, by scanning and uploading multiple photographs at once through the Ancestry mobile app. A process of cropping, rotation, and image enhancement is automatically applied.  The images then appear in your tree gallery, ready for you to attach to your Ancestry family tree, helping you preserve images and memories. 

In addition to using your mobile device as a scanner, you can also use the new technology on images already uploaded to your Ancestry gallery. The same auto-cropping, rotation, and enhancement tools will be applied.
Providing More Family History Discoveries
Once you’ve got those old pictures uploaded, you can then use the new Ancestry Stories feature on the Ancestry mobile app to combine photographs, saved historical records, and text to craft a story about any ancestor or relative in your family tree.  You can then easily save that story to your tree and share it with family and friends. Doing this could even connect you to family members who might have additional information or photos you would never have found otherwise.

What Stories Will You Tell? 
I can’t wait to get started on my great-grandmother’s precious photo albums that document 30 years of her own family story and to dive into my father’s photo collections to start creating these bite size stories I can easily share with my niece and nephews so they can learn even more about our family. Learn more about these offerings by visiting

I invite you to try out these amazing new tools. Then, share your images and family history discoveries on social media using #MyAncestryStory.

Blog Post Author: Crista Cowan, Corporate Genealogist

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